This I Believe

Josef - Trementina, New Mexico
Entered on December 19, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe that the Catholic Church hijacked the Winter Solstice. Non-Christian humans have celebrated the sun return event for thousands of years. According to historic data (that can be found by anyone using a search engine) Jesus was born in September or March. I believe that Easter, the celebration of equinox, too, was hijacked by the Western Church. It is beyond my mental capacity to understand why intelligent people embrace fairy tales. Perhaps our vain desire to live forever facilitates myopic behavior.

I believe that the media, by providing space for “belief stories,” perpetuates the myths designed to control humans. My belief is contrary to the theme portrayed in this space and does not find favor in the eyes of readers who seek out “I believe stories” to reinforce their own emotionally charged beliefs. Don’t misunderstand, I’d like to believe, but I cannot surrender logic to the Brothers Grimm. I know the universe exists. I cannot explain how, but I accept it. It will be nice to know how it came to exist, and some day we shall.

As I walk to or from the bus stop, I see people scurrying to meet schedule, they have no time to stop and smell the roses. I realize more each day what a dream life is and how precious each day should be. When I think back to yesterday or last week few memories remain; days flow together to make weeks, months, and years. Few days are remembered – those where special events occurred, where love, sound, images, or smells stimulate the flow of hormones.

I believe life is short; love is lost by neglect; true friends are few; natural wonders abound; television and drugs (alcohol included) steal life; advertisements corrupt minds; governments abuse power; democracy is on the decline; wealth is not fairly distributed; religion is for sheep; Bush is strangling the America I love; public transportation is great; the battle to save the planet has started, but, like the battle with cigarette manufacturers who now poison developing nations, will take many lives before it may be neutralized.