This I Believe

Alyssa - Castle Rock, Colorado
Entered on December 18, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: carpe diem

“Down by the bay, where the watermelons grow, back to my home, I dare not go, for if I do, my mother will say, ‘Have you ever seen a whale with a polka dot tail?’”

I believe in spontaneity. Spontaneous is an eleven-letter word we all got wrong in the 5th grade spelling bee. It’s the word in which we don’t think but we do. Being spontaneous is the color of my nails and the choice of my hair color. It’s fun, it’s crazy, it’s…


Being spontaneous is going to have a cup of coffee with your best friend an hour away when you have to be at work in just two. It’s insightful, it’s random, it’s…


Being spontaneous is getting over a grudge and surprising that person with a “Will you go to Prom with me?” poster ten minutes later. It’s memorable, it’s sweet, it’s…


Being spontaneous is looking your best for a date at eight pm but looking even better playing in the rain at six. It’s nervousness, it’s anxious, it’s…


Being spontaneous is only ten minutes away, blood rushing with adrenaline and hands shaking with excitement and uncertainty.

It’s the essence of living life to the fullest and having as much fun as possible.

It’s giving time it’s worth and never missing a beat.

I believe that everyone can be spontaneous.

It’s all built into us. It’s the twitch we suddenly feel in our arm; it’s the choke we didn’t ask for. It’s the feeling that we are only here for one life and every day is it’s own last.

Spontaneous is my name and spontaneity is my nature.