This I Believe

Taylor - USA
Entered on December 18, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: freedom

I believe in freedom. Everyone thinks they know what personal freedom is. However, I believe most people have no idea what this word means. Most people believe freedom is the ability to make endless amount of choices. I believe that giving in to any impulse you feel and acting upon every so called “free choice” is the chain that makes you a slave. It makes you a slave to yourself and to sin. Some people might say that they enjoy sinning and the fun of this world. However, come back to those people when their sinful desires has lead them to rock bottom and destruction and ask them how free they feel. I believe if you’ve been there enough you realize that freedom isn’t at all what the world says it is. I believe that the world’s freedom is a trap. A trap that I had fallen into time and time again until I realized it was time for a change. It was time for real freedom.

This is not a sermon, nor a soapbox. This is fact. I believe true freedom is being unchained from shame, guilt, cycles of addiction, grudges, hate, and any other sort of destructive lifestyle, habit, or behavior. I believe that whatever you choose to obey becomes your master regardless of if you realize or not. Choosing to live in an endless cycle of sin makes it your master and I know as much as you probably do where that can and does lead. I’ve been to rock bottom and I’ve chased after empty pleasures that lead nowhere. I once thought you had freedom and free will when you live a worldly life and when you lived for God you lost your free will. However, that’s not the case at all when you start looking at freedom from a point of view other than what the world says it is. You always have free will no matter who or what you live for. The major difference between living for sin and living for God is that you share in the eternal outcome of whichever one you choose. In sin’s case, the eternal outcome is death. In God’s case, it is heaven.

I believe the free will you hold allows you to choose who you serve. When you choose to live a life for Christ you have the free will to obey Him. You will want to obey Him and make Him your master. You may think that this is simply switching masters and end results. If you think of it that way then your view of freedom is still chained to the world and its definition of freedom. I believe freedom is being unchained from your sinful desires and the death that they bring. The only way to achieve this is through Jesus Christ. We weren’t made to be miserable, lonely, unsatisfied wind chasers. We were made for something more, something great and beautiful. Seek the real freedom, don’t settle for less.