This I Believe

brian - fairbanks, Alaska
Entered on December 18, 2006
Age Group: Under 18


What do you see in life? What is the meaning of life that you see in it? I see life as to be somewhat NORMAL, dull, same thing over and over, and life is not ment to be that way. As technology grows you may be able to stay alive till 100, 150 if you get new body parts and you got the money for it. life is all about money now for no good reason. Money is just an object money is something people crave and something everyone wants IT’S A DRUG accentually.

But to be serious life has stages there’s birth, childhood, adulthood, older age, retirement home, and then death. That’s how it’s always been and that’s how it should always be. What im trying to get here is that life is short life is exciting life has one ticket in one ticket out. Some say life is too short others say its to long but I see it as to be remarkable and this is my life im going to do something with it.

For everywhere there’s death there is life. One of my main questions is why do people waste life? They go to school the get a degree then they sit in an office where they spend the rest of their lives where they just do the same thing over and over. A lot of people do it. But the way I see life is that I want something exciting something more than everyday routine. I want new. Im not trying to say to just stop everything your doing and go out and do whatever. You’ve worked hard to get this far you might have a family depending on you. So I say this take you ordinary day and just everyday do something new then on your free days and go out and have some fun! But we wouldn’t have what we do now if it wasn’t for hard work and dedication. But it just tickles me that that one question that one thing. I truly want my life to be the greatest where there’s no restriction. Set life free.

Even though I am in high school and I go to school every week day I am not to happy about it but I make the best out of it me and my friends go out and do the extraordinary. We like to experiment we like to test and we like to see the before and after on almost anything.

Some things are ment to be delt with some things are ment to be questions I like to live life knowing the answer. If I don’t I find the answer. Just living life one day at a time. My name is Brian I go to West Valley High School in Fairbanks, Alaska. This I believe.