This I Believe

Radhya - manlius, New York
Entered on December 18, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

This I Believe: Learning from your Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, but the important thing is learning from those mistakes. Mistakes are being made in the world everyday, and are creating problems, though sometimes making mistakes can develop into a good thing. The people who can retrieve something good from their mistakes and learn from them are the people who make less and less mistakes. For example, as I practice the guitar I make many mistakes such as picking the wrong string, or putting my finger on the wrong fret, but because I made those mistakes I now have a mental note that tells me pick farther down the guitar, to put my finger just a little bit higher up on the fret board. So, as I continue my practice I rarely make the same mistakes again. Anyone can learn from their mistakes, it is a skill that can be developed, and can be extremely helpful. Once during math I didn’t do too well on the quiz on the unit, but by the time of the test I aced it. I’ve noticed this pattern in many of my other classes, and tried to prevent it by going to the teacher for help. I guess making those mistakes affected me more strongly. Some people think that making mistakes is a bad thing, which I can see true in some situations but people can usually take their experiences in that situation and use it in the future. Sometimes making a mistake can have serious consequences, good or bad. I remember I had a project to do and there was a long written part, the power went out, lost all of my work, because I forgot to save. Now I never forget to save my work. I sometimes wonder why sometimes I have to make a mistake before I can get it right in the first place. Humans are prone to error and there is nothing that can stop some from happening. If we keep learning from our errors, will humans become perfect someday? I believe the answer to that is probably no. Mistakes can help you in the future but several can also create new ones. I remember riding my bike down a hill one day and made the mistake of pressing down on left hand brake instead of the right hand brake to slow down; I was new with the bikes with those types of brakes. I found out the left hand brake was the front wheel brake and my bike with me on it flipped. I learned from that mistake and I rarely do that now. Even after making all kinds of mistakes I still believe that mistakes help me grow. Despite all the trouble mistakes have gotten me into, I believe there is good in all mistakes. So don’t worry about making mistakes. Making a mistake can hold you back at some times, but using what you learned from it can get you ahead. People always will make mistakes, but the important part is learning from them.