This I Believe

Steven - Manlius, New York
Entered on December 18, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: change

I Believe in Change

I believe in change.

I believe that the world as we know it is a prime example of change; it is forever changing. The world is changing at this very moment.

My life is full change. Ever since I was born I’ve been moving constantly: from Redwood City, CA, to San Francisco, CA, to Nashville, TN, to Manlius, NY. And just recently, I found out that I’m moving to Canada. I believe you must embrace these adjustments. Change is apart of my person. It makes me what I am today.

I believe that change is always happening. For better or for worse, it ensues. I could return home from school and find that my house had burned down, with all my possessions gone up in smoke. I would be devastated of course, but I believe that something must turn out because of it. My family may move to a better neighborhood, in a better house with more of my friends around. Or maybe something worse could turn out. You never know.

The earth is always changing. The sun is not always out; the wind is not always blowing. The cities are never still; humanity is always moving, one place to another. Some things that may seem to be stagnant, but they will submit to change. The World Trade Center buildings were never meant to vary. Made to hold fast to the ground, like a grand tree with metal roots, they stood. Yet they too changed, on September 11, just like the rest of the world.

I believe in the power of change.

Change: it affects everything with a compliance or reluctance to transform, to be something new. I believe that change is the derivation of the world. Our world is characterized by the changes that take place. Our country, the USA, was, is, and will be changed, no matter what we do.

I believe in a future of change.

Change is never-ending. Your future is never concrete; it can change into something different. I believe that destiny cannot exist because of all the ways it could change. A simple decision can change your future considerably. My dad would tell me of how my mother chose to travel with him to California from her home in Georgia. If she had not gone, I would have never been born.

The very nature of the earth is changing.

I believe that when created, the earth was meant to change. It is what composes all of the features in the world. Every single description is created through change. The weather, whether vicious, gloomy, light or dark, it will change. The mountains, whether high, low, expansive or narrow, they will change.

I believe in change.