This I Believe

Jaz - Lousiville, Colorado
Entered on December 17, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: purpose

A Sweet Nirvana

In a world of immense confusion and continuous change, I find my beliefs evolving, as everyday, I gather more knowledge and strive to experience the fullness of life. I learn more about who I am and the way I see the world on my daily search to find happiness. I noticed a long time ago that the way I view life, and the world is much different from your average teenage mind. Over the years I have often times found myself wishing for more then just an average life, and still do to this day. Have you ever gotten that feeling that you are meant for something more? That life is, at times, just inches short of perfect, and that you’ll never be able to get there? I guess you could say I have had this unquenchable thirst for a nirvana I can’t seem to reach. This is what fuels my curiosity and constant search for a better then average life. I’m scared sometimes that my expectations of what this life is meant to be will let me down. I live day to day, with the hope that maybe tomorrow my life will be blessed with greatness. This is what I dream of and what I believe the purpose of my life is; To be someone and live like no one else has before; To know the meaning of a true euphoria, and to experience the truth of love and life. I believe that if you live deeply, and passionately, through everything you do, anything is possible. I know that there has to be something better out there, something far above the norm, something utterly amazing. I trust in my belief that someday, all that I have been aching for, a feeling I cannot describe, my nirvana, will be found and my dreamers heart will at last be at peace, Until then I will live in the hope of this moment, and continue my hearts journey, the search for the answers to life. For I would rather fill me head with dreams that may never come true, with the highest expectations of life, then face a harsh reality. It’s what keeps me living, and what fuels my heart. My deepest desires, dreams, and aspirations are what define me. I am not what reality says I am, but rather what I dream of doing, who I constantly desire and try to be, and the extent to which my imagination reaches. These are all things that I have realized from living and experiencing life. I cannot say that I will feel the same way tomorrow or any other day, as I do now, in this moment. But what I do know is that my view of the world and my beliefs, with by which I define myself, are who I am, and the only truth that my heart knows. I live by them, breathe by them, and grow with them.