This I Believe

Parker - Superior, Colorado
Entered on December 17, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Why Do I Have to Believe Anything?

What is in a belief? Is it piece of mind? Is it enough to tattoo its name on our souls? All I know is that what we believe has the ability to change our personality and individuality of our lifestyles and even drain the intricate life out of us. And so this is what I believe: We cannot allow for a belief to write our personalities. We must live life the way we are born, and not violate the humans we are. We need to love each other… as cheesy as that may sound.

We have all heard the stories: “another Insert religion or cult here has suicide bombed Insert city here killing at least 20 innocent lives.“ It makes me sick! How can these people murder others just because their belief system has influenced them to do so? There should be a law against such atrocities. “Book him Mike, he is clearly another LUI case. Living Under the Influence of a dangerous cult and or religion. That’s hard time your looking at, son.” That would be a much safer world. You wouldn’t have anymore Jonestown massacres, or any 9/11’s and we could all just live it up on the wondrous planet we have been put on.

By definition a belief is “any cognitive content held as true”. This provokes my curiosity. How can what one thinks as true mesh with the opposing beliefs that another might hold? Obviously these two go together like oil and water. This clearly is the source for “holy wars” and religiously motivated attacks on each other. What the world needs now is love, sweet love. That corny song called “What the World Needs Now” has the logic exactly right. If we trash the vast religions and the “what not” that bind us to hating each other, then we will find serenity. Another individual that had it all right was named John Lennon. His song called “Imagine” sums up my entire essay in one catchy tune. “Imagine there’s no country…nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too… then the world will live as one.” There is no separation when water is mixed with water.

Oh but wait! What about those who find all their answers in their divine and holy creator? These are the people that create the tension between the other religions. When conservatives on both ends of the spectrum intertwine, we witness horrific incidences of war and terrorism. It may not be instant, but over time we will eventually lose all control over a serene and restrained earth that I personally am honored to live on.

So, in the end, I conclude that combating belief systems can never equate to serenity on this planet. We then need to remove the religions that tattoo their “hate” on our souls, and we need to progress onto loving each other.