This I Believe

Dylan - San Francisco, California
Entered on December 17, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe in patience. That’s the simplest word I can come up with to describe something that actually is sadly rare. We are not born with it. If we are lucky, our parents or guardians or teachers have the patience to show us the value of it. As a child, my small but powerfully hungry stomach was impatient for dinner. I used to make it very difficult for Mom to concentrate on fixing a meal for the family by pestering her until she got impatient herself and would rush through it. Over a few years I learned that the less I bothered her, the better the food would be. As a young adult growing up in the woods of Mendocino county, I was impatient for something interesting to happen. If nothing did, I did what so many kids do. I got high. Now, at 42, in recovery from drugs and alcohol, I have learned the value of being patient and learning the many better ways there are to have fun. Patience reveals the better sides of people we thought, at first impression, we wanted nothing to do with. Patience gives us the time and the ability to examine our feelings before our anger or fear can make us lose sight of the good in people and things. Patience makes us think before seeking instant gratification of our desires. If we patiently listen to many different sources of information about a certain issue or topic or controversy it takes a little bit longer but we wind up with a much clearer picture of our world. A world that contains so very MUCH we can learn, enjoy and benefit from if we just slow down and take our time. So make like a doctor: have patience.