This I Believe

Nadira - Laveen, Arizona
Entered on December 15, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

I believe saying “goodbye means see you later”.

When I was about 10 years old, I specifically remember every detail. I was laying on my couch. Watching “Family Matters” on the TBS channel. The funny thing is I didn’t have cable. So now your thinking how the hell did she get cable channels. Well, I had this white plug, which I’ll put in my T.V. set. I used this cord to steal others people cable channels in my apartment building. So anyway, I was watching the show and after about ten minutes of the show airing, marshal’s stormed into my home. Now at that tender age, I didn’t know who the hell were the marshal’s!

The marshal’s had come to put my family- my older sister, brothers, and mother-out. When I say out, I mean HOMELESS, as in putting us out on the damn street to turn us into bums! Soon as they arrived, my family and I were ORDER to remove from the premises. Leaving only with our suitcases. Speaking of suitcases, I never packed one. Meaning my mother packed one for me.

Now, we left with all our furniture and everything there. And, when I left I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye. That apartment was the longest I’d ever stayed at any apartment. It was about three years. So we’re all outside waiting for a five-dollar cab. When the cab came, only my mom and my brother, that’s around my age, got in the car. My older brother and sister were left. All they said was “goodbye”. Then my sister said “ no, I mean see you later”. After the hugs and kisses were given, my mom, brother, and I were getting ready for the road of struggle.

I cried after I left. I remember my mom telling me if I used up all my tears, I’ll lose all the water in my body. But, then I thought, I’ve never been separated from my brothers and sisters before. About two years later, we were back on our feet. My mom got an apartment for my brother and I. At this point, I wasn’t separated again; I’ll see my siblings all the time. But, about a year-and-a half later, I was in the same damn scenario. But this time there wasn’t any marshal’s. My family and I just packed up and moved. Moved across the damn country.

At the airport I said to my siblings “goodbye”, then I said “no, I mean see you later”. Once again I was separated from my siblings.

I do believe saying “ goodbye” means “see you later”.