This I Believe

Aldo - Mesa, Arizona
Entered on December 15, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Beauty Is Only Skin Deep…

Beauty can be used for many things but probably the most common is how it is used to describe the physical characteristics of something. Whether it is to describe a woman’s perfection, the art in a painting or the appearance of a car or other personal object our heart clings too.

Everyone in their lifetime must have at least once heard the quote “beauty is only skin deep.” However, it seems as if many people do not understand that. As a junior high student, I grew up with many weight issues. I was always the fattest among most of the kids and I was commonly teased. I remember how I fell for a certain girl that year, and when I told that certain girl my feelings for her, she dispersed all communication with me. She later passed on to her friends about “how ugly and how no cuteness could be found in me, not even a speck.” This was a stab to my heart, and it traumatized me to never letting a girl know how I really feel about them, and it still holds me prisoner to this day.

However, this created what I like to call, my mini extreme make-over, which completely transformed my body entirely into a different me. One who is not ashamed of taking his shirt off at Sun Splash, one who is more confident about himself and all the parts of himself. This experience also taught me how everything has feelings, no matter how despicable, bad-looking, or even pleasant-looking, all things all feel and can be hurt as well as made happy. I also applied the personal opinion that no one who walks his earth is fat, but just an individual seeking individuality. I personally believe that it is truly the inside that counts in all aspects. Beauty is beyond skin, it’s in the soul. This I believe.