This I Believe

Sterling - Mesa, Arizona
Entered on December 15, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: pleasure

Life in the Fast Lane

I believe in speed. Not the drug, but the action. Speed is power, adrenaline and joy. Flying down an empty road in my new car, racing friends on a track, and even cruising on the freeway slightly faster than everyone else bring me endless satisfaction. Unlike some people, I can control my craving for speed. I know the risks of speeding on the busy roads and I am always cautious while I drive. The feeling of satisfaction and elation as I put the gas pedal to the floor on a barren desert road is priceless.

Some people say that a Snickers satisfies, but that is not the case for me. I am able to satisfy my craving for speed on a local go-kart track. This indoor track consists of racing go-karts that easily accelerate to over 45 miles an hour. These little machines can take sharp turns as if they were making simple lane changes on the street. The air rushing by me makes me joyous, but passing slower drivers on the track delivers the most happiness. I could never trade the rush of adrenaline I get from the intense acceleration in any vehicle for anything else; not even the world will suffice.

Speed has also helped me discover traits that I have that I would have never known otherwise. Because of it, for example, I have developed a passion for cars. With this came the desire to work on them. I have always enjoyed being hands-on with mechanically inclined projects, never knowing that I was headed towards working on cars. I leap at every chance I get to work on a vehicle! Whether it be rotating the tires, changing the oil, or swapping out stock parts for aftermarket ones, I am doing the work. Without my passion for driving fast, I would have never discovered this vital trait.

Speed is life. Without it, one cannot set a pace for progress. There would only be stop and go, nothing more. There would be no first or last place, just even ties in a race. There would be no chances to be daring; no convertibles, no hot rods, no freedom. Speed is freedom, and that is what I love. I believe in speed.