This I Believe

Amy - Louisville, Colorado
Entered on December 15, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Everything Happens for a Reason

Everything happens for a reason, whether you realize it or not. Within last year or so, I hit the rough patch in my life that everyone goes through. Everything seemed like it was going wrong and my life felt so out of control. I got to the point where I didn’t think anything or anyone could help. I felt like I had lost all of my friends, I lost my boyfriend and I didn’t know where to turn. I tried talking to some of my friends (that I did have at the time) about it but they didn’t understand. I had one friend that did though. She stuck with me through everything and was there every step of the way. She gave me the courage to step out of my box and the strength to keep going. It took me a while to find the real me again but I eventually got there. I met some new friends and even another guy. The rough spot in my life had just made me stronger in the end. My friend just kept telling me, “don’t worry it will just make you stronger… it will just make you stronger.” I never really believed that it would actually happen. It ended up making me stronger though and a better person. That rough patch also brought me closer to my best friend that I will always have. Everything happens for a reason. Whether it’s big or small, it all happens for a specific purpose. We can’t plan out our future. Everything that happens in life is just steps leading up to something greater. For a while I hated the saying “everything happens for a reason.” I refused to believe it because I felt like everything was going wrong and that things were happening for bad reasons. God has his plan for all of us. Even the bad things happen for a reason. The bad moments teach us things that we are sometimes oblivious to. I’ve learned that it’s good to have imperfections in your life. If everything was happy and perfect, life wouldn’t have the same spark and curiosity. Life to me is about trying new things, loving, learning and teaching, taking risks and having fun. In order to fix rough times you need to have the courage to try new things and take risks. If you don’t, you’ll never get anywhere in life. You can’t always have someone holding your hand through life or waiting by your side to catch you when you fall. You learn by falling on your own, getting back up and trying again. Friends do help you but they don’t fix the problems for you. They are there to support and encourage you to never give up. I have learned to take life as it comes to me and to love what I have. Everything happens for a reason and takes you step by step through life.