This I Believe

Kyle - cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on December 15, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in you! Yes, absolutely, you right there reading this online or hearing this wonderful essay on the way to work over National Public Radio. Call me a humanist, optimist or even idealist but I really do have the utmost confidence in you and your abilities.

Anymore we are barraged by perpetual examples of what we ought to be. The models flaunt our desired look. Athletes mock our fitness and show us what real humans are built like. We are hailed like cabs by commercials to sell us our dreams through their product. And to think, these people aren’t even our peers yet they still have our number. Surviving a day with an ego is a feat.

I too have been let down through the comparisons to “better” people. I was unfortunate enough to sitting next to an insecure young man in the bus from grades five to eight. Some insecure years in my life I had myself victimized by someone feeling even lower than myself. I heard such observations as: “You know, kids like you really don’t go to college.” “Man she’s attractive, she probably thinks your ugly though.” “Have you ever wondered how much money you would have if your dad was good at something?” Who knows why I ever listened to him, looking back it’s a mark of shame that I didn’t stand up for myself.

I overcame these let downs with the steady pace truth takes when revealing itself. I am a good person, my father is successful and I even went to college. Perhaps I would have never been so foolish to question myself had I been told a few more times that someone did believe in me. That I am the person I want to be, that to even attempt to define myself through others is foolish.

This is why I come to you with no less than praise. I don’t even know how many things I’ve missed out on in my life because I was too afraid. Too afraid for to make the effort! To doubt the only thing that one truly posses is a dirty thing I will not spread. So I tell you now: you can do it, you ought to try it, why haven’t you done that already and why are you even listening to them. You are only missing out.