This I Believe

Keith - Northridge, California
Entered on December 14, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Can’t. One word that can make a huge difference in somebody’s life. Some people can hear that word and do the complete opposite. Quite the contrary, some people can hear that word and accept that it is true. Me? Oh when I hear that word I get motivated. I have a wonderful family who supports the things I do. Sometimes there are those people that want to see you fall flat on your face. So when people told me “You can’t get a good education from Inglewood Unified.” I laughed. Look at the facts. My school Animo Inglewood Charter High got a 2006 API (Academic Performance Indicator) score of 704 out of 750 compared to Inglewood Unified’s score of 563 out of 750. When people told me “You can’t go to college coming from Inglewood”, I applied myself. Look at me now. I now attend Cal State Northridge and I am currently majoring in television production. I don’t let people tell me I can’t do anything. As far as I’m concerned, you can’t tell me I can’t. I lived in the city of negativity, Inglewood California. Living here you have to have tough skin. Whether it is criticism from peers, parents, and teachers or its harassment from police, gang members and the media. The word “Can’t” can’t be in your vocabulary or you are setting yourself up for failure. I can and I will. I can succeed surrounded by failure. I will be the educated black man society doesn’t want me to be. It all starts or ends with one word. It depends on what you make out of that word. Quit? I can’t.