This I Believe

Brandon - Morehead, Kentucky
Entered on December 14, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

When I was a young boy, I believed in things happening for a reason. There’s a reason for living. There’s a reason for sharing, and there’s a reason for caring. I grew up around a Christian heritage and a family that firmly believed in fate and karma. I believe that we are here for a reason and that my reason is to entertain the masses. Being a comedian or an actor or a writer would satisfy those urges. I do all three, but haven’t been seen in much of anything. I write, but only a few read it. I’m funny, but only funny to a few people.

The point is to be who you want to be. If it’s wrong to some people, then that’s tough. Sacrificing your passions and urges can make the mind and heart waiver. I usually blog a few times a week simply because I want to see if people are actually reading what I write. I crack jokes just to see who will laugh and who will give me that “I don’t get it look.” You know the look of being puzzled? It’s usually a blank stare. I can’t stand that look. Oh well. I just hope there are more people that’ll laugh than give me the blank stare.

Where does this come from? Well, I watch a lot of television. I do not like the modern things on television (reality shows, dramas, etc). I’m a fan of shows like Seinfeld, Friends, Cheers, Threes Company. Those shows got to the base of what people laugh at and how a half hour can make you forget about the whole day. I don’t think God had a plan for television, but he had a plan for us to be happier in life and if we’re happy, than He’s happy.

My God is a happy God who wants to see the best out of us and for us to be good to everyone. Make the world a happier place if you will. If I can make one person happy, than I think I’ve served my purpose for the day.