This I Believe

Daniel - Lewisburg, Tennessee
Entered on December 14, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in . . . anticipation. The thought of something just around the corner, something that’s coming tomorrow, something one deserves, that’s what keeps the mind busy and alert and alive. Without anticipation life would be boring. There would be nothing to wake to, nothing to work for, and not even a reason to be excited.

I’m eighteen years old with no telling how many years of college left. I’ve only been through one semester and already it’s getting to me. I think back to how I survived high school going in as a freshman, and I remember. There was a unique and astounding anticipation of getting my drivers license, getting a job, and then graduation. The thought of one day doing all these things got me through the four years of morningly pondering ,”do I want to get up today?” My answer was always yes because I wanted to hit the light at the end of the tunnel going full speed. So now four years later, when I wake up I say to myself, “Is it worth it?”, and in a consistent tone I say,” yep.” I go off and take college one day at a time, just like high school.

I believe everyone should thrive on the ability to anticipate. There is no other driving force that can push one so hard as this. It makes us wake up for maybe a lucky day, go to work for maybe getting that promotion, and go to bed for maybe another chance at a good day tomorrow. The feeling of something great about to happen is the strongest feeling to ever overcome my doubts, so I say to you I believe in antici . . . pation and that is what deviates my life.