This I Believe

Ryan - State College, Pennsylvania
Entered on December 14, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in music. I believe that emotions and moods run my life. One way to capture these feelings is to listen to music. Songs portray a wide variety of emotion. On a nice warm day a song about the beach may make me feel great. Or on a dreary cloudy day a sad slow song may capture the mood as the rain pours on the sidewalk. Music helps me free my mind and let out which emotions I have at any particular time. I have been playing piano and guitar for many years. Every time a mood strikes me I know I can sit down and use notes to show my mood.

Songs can also brighten the holidays. Christmas may be a very stressful time for many who try hard to make family members happy but do not have the financial backing to buy gifts. By playing music the holidays can be enjoyable. The comforting sounds of the holidays through song shows that the season is not about gifts but family.

Music may also be used indirectly to enhance a movie or show. Sad movies use mellow music, while exciting movies use up beat melodies. The notes bring out the emotion or mood of the picture making it more enjoyable for the viewer.

I believe that music also enhances other senses in the body. Carnival music brings back memories of the smell of cotton candy and funnel cake. Take me out to the ballgame reminds me of the smell of the grass on a summer night or the hot dogs and peanuts at the baseball stadium. Finally, classical music reminds me of the touch of my grandmother’s hands while teaching me to play the piano at a young age. These memories may be from the past but music allows me to reminisce and capture old feelings in which I miss.

Whatever feelings are going through my head I always know I can sit down and either play or listen to a great song that will help me get through my day.