This I Believe

Chad - MAYSVILLE, Kentucky
Entered on December 13, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: hope

Throughout the trials and tribulations that people face in life, many of them feel a loss of hope. I believe there is hope for everyone. As a person that has literally seen it all, been to hell and back, I can honestly say that I believe hope is never lost, you just have to find it. At one time in my childhood I was a spoiled brat that had gotten whatever I wanted no matter the situation. I took everything for granted including my parents and our money. I got a cold blast of reality when I was eleven years old and my parents got divorced for the first time. One year later they decided that they couldn’t live without each other and got remarried. The only problem was, is that when they got back together, they brought back the same problems in the past as well as many others with them. My mother had developed a common disease referred to alcoholism. Combine that with an addiction for prescription drugs and you have a mess. My father was in the same boat but was worse off. When I was a child I was physically and mentally abused by my father. So when taking into account his new found hobby of drinking, the abuse naturally grew worse. The abused grew exceptionally worse when my mother finally left us when I was 13 and I was the only person around for my father to take his frustrations out on. When I was sixteen I grew tired of the abuse and decided to fight back. Needless after the many battles I lost I finally won the war after I hospitalized my dad. I left and started running the streets in one of the worst cities in America. I was homeless for six months, sleeping in cars and people’s backyards. Finally my friend’s parents learned of my situation and adopted me so I could finish high school. I graduated High School in 2004 and I had overstayed my welcome at my friend’s house. His father was going through a multitude of medical problems and they were having some financial troubles so I moved out. I had nowhere to go but back to the same streets I had left before. Six months later I was contacted by my dad who claimed to be a born again Christian and fully recovered alcoholic. I gave him another chance and moved back in with him. Not a year went by before he was back to acting the same way. Only this time I didn’t realize he was stealing money from me the whole time. After I left I calculated about four thousand dollars that was gone. Needless to say after another violent occurrence with my father I left again. Six months later I moved to Kentucky to begin a new life. I brought my mother and my little brother to start over. My mom is fully recovered and doing well. Since I was 11 I have been homeless, lost both of my parents, stabbed and left for dead. Now I can say that despite all of the adversity I have overcome in the past 10 years I have also, graduated high school, maintained a steady job, started attending college and quit doing quite a bit of activities I am not at liberty to say. While my story is not one that everybody can relate to, it is a prime example of the strength of the human spirit, and that strength is made up of hope. As long as you have hope and the will to do what it takes to make it, you can withstand the most brutal punishment that anybody can offer, and I grantee it will make you stronger.