This I Believe

Christy - N Logan, Utah
Entered on December 13, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that you need to be able to do something for yourself, if you don’t do it then how will people see you if you are always doing something for someone else. I believe that you need to not only help others but also be there to help yourself.

I was in a time loop of helping others and not myself when I realized that I was telling other people what I should be taking on myself. Every time that I would see someone in need or someone crying I would offer my help and sometime the things I said hit home to me and showed me that I need to do this too.

I finally took that step to do something for me by going back to school to earn my degree and make something of my life that not only would I be proud of but something my kids would be proud of me too. I had been wrapped up in helping everyone else that I became the person that everyone but me turned to and I didn’t want to be that person that lost everything.

When I decided to go back to school and earn my degree I felt like I could take on the world and be able to start helping others again. Don’t wait for it to be too late. Help yourself so you can continue to help others.