This I Believe

Stephen - Hollywood, Florida
Entered on December 13, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe

I believe there is nothing past perception. Everything that there is or ever will be must be perceived or it doesn’t exist. Believing in perception is quite simple; all it takes is belief in yourself and what you experience, because if you haven’t experienced something, then it isn’t real nor has it been proven to exist, so there isn’t anything to believe in.

While people are out worrying about if they are going to get into heaven or hell, I’m out worrying about problems that I perceive in the world around me. Instead of worrying so much about my personal well being I’m more concerned in the lives of others while keeping a grip of my own life through understanding what I perceive. Although the previous statement seemed rather heavy and deep, it isn’t. In simpler terms, I worry about mankind and myself, for I am part of mankind, a very important part at that.

Without me, there is no mankind. There is no universe. No life, no death, no war, no pain, no hunger and no problems. It is my fault that all of these things occur. If I were never born, then there would be no universe, and nothing that we consider worldly. This includes the problems, as well as benefits of life. In a way, I am the creator of my own suffering just through being born and interacting with the world around me.

It’s a hard life to live knowing that just because you were born means that you caused so much chaos to yourself and the world through your perception. Yes, definitely hard, but not unlivable. You see, everyone lives there lives like I do, unknowing that if they just weren’t born then there would never be an Earth or universe, and everything would be peaceful. The only difference between them and I is that I have spent some time contemplating my existence through only what I know rather than what I hope, or wish for. Consider me someone who is happy with what they have and although aspires for more, doesn’t worship a God to try and gain re-incarnation or a spot in a better place.

Believing that the only thing that is real is what we perceive helps me to be less judgmental of people because I can understand what they are going through. It helps me to not blame others, or spiritual beings for my faults and favors. It brings me confidence while giving me a level head, knowing that I am the only one who can be of service to humanity, not a God, but a human being like everyone else. And lastly, it keeps me open to ideas, not closed off from the world.

The real beauty of perception is that it really embodies the fact that we are all unique. Some people can perceive better through visual interpretation and description, while others prefer to perceive through actually going and experiencing what they see. This is what I believe.