This I Believe

melissa - phoenix, Arizona
Entered on December 13, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family


I am adopted from S. Korea and married a man with an Italian heritage. We recently had our first child, a son. My life has become a circle, not yet completed. It is my intention to complete that circle when we adopt a child from Korea. Over the past year my beliefs and values of what ‘family’ means has been greatly tested. My in laws made a conscious decision to shun our child, on the basis that he was an interracial child. They also decided to attack me, as I am Asian. With recent world events and even those in the past I still cannot believe that people feel this way towards others. I thought blood was thicker than water. In particular with my own family background I would give my left eye for any one of them as they are the only family I have ever had, and they have cared for me so deeply. That is why I cannot understand how in this case the family bond has broken into millions of tiny pieces. So small that they can’t be put back together. My family is so important to me and especially since I have created a family all of my own, it means so much more to me than people can fathom. How is it that in this day in age we are tested so greatly with regard to something that we feel so strongly about. It makes me wonder what family really means and just who is your family, even if they aren’t in your blood line.