This I Believe

sacha - Troy, Idaho
Entered on December 13, 2006

Some people can just answer a business phone, and right then and there you know it’s the person you want to work with, or you think wow, there is a lot of strength in their voice and right off the bat you feel comfortable, and somewhat envious of them. These strong and confident people I find are very well liked, easily trusted, and cared about. I believe that having confidence in ones self help others admire and respect you.

My aunt who owns a very successful real estate business is one of these people. She feels very comfortable with real estate and knows it incredibly well. She meets all kinds of people at work, therefore she must remain very strong and let them know she has everything under control, or people can walk all over her. She is one of the people I admire most in the world. As a child I always wanted to get into the real estate business because I liked the life she was living, and the person she is and was. She’s paying for my schooling to get into real estate, so I can finally become what I’ve always wanted to be, a little more like her. She has always taken good care of me, and loved the fact that I was so fond of her. She’s getting things ready for my future. Most graduates don’t have the help my aunt has given me. My aunt is very classy, sophisticated, and has more independence than anyone I know. Many people feel the same way I do about her, and I hope someday I will be as admired and respected, as she is.

Another person is my good friend Jake; he is very active, loud, and fun. He has a personality many are attracted to. When he comes into a room, attention turns to him. I could talk to him about anything. He makes me feel at ease. He’s an incredibly happy person despite the bad things that have happened to him. Unlike many people, if something is bothering him he would never take it out on those around him. There isn’t anything extraordinary or special about him, except his self-confidence, he doesn’t worry about what others think of him. He likes himself, and it helps others like him also.

I hope to one day be as confident, independent, and mentally strong, as these special people I know. I hope to have the strength to be as successful as my aunt is at work, and have the laid back, easygoing personality, of my good friend Jake. But mostly I hope I can have that confidence they have, with myself that not only helps the way others feel around me, but so I can feel comfortable with the person I am, and will be.