This I Believe

Thea - District Height, Maryland
Entered on December 13, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: birth

Eulogy or Birth

I believed that I could do what I deemed was right to do, where as the baby believed it could do what it wanted to do. Being pregnant has many surprises, and delivering on the highway of Interstate 210 was a huge surprise. On October 26, 2002, I got dressed to attend the funeral of Conrad Johnson. Conrad was married to my cousin Denise Johnson. Conrad was also the bus driver that was killed by the Sniper in the Washington Metropolitan Area.

On the morning of Conrad’s eulogy, my thought was to be in attendance to support Nicey, on her day of complete sorrow. As I was leaving home, I felt a slight pain, but not enough to keep me from attending the funeral services. I believed that since each of my pregnancies was two hours or less, I had enough time before labor would take effect.

My best girlfriend, Lisa Floyd came to my house to ride to the funeral services with me and my husband, Evans. As my husband, Lisa, and I were leaving the house, and proceeded to get in the car a slight pain hit me again. I ignored the pain; only because I knew in my mind and was strongly determined it was not my time. Babies normally take their time, so this baby will takes its time. Well, no more than five minutes on the road, something popped out. I asked Lisa to look and see what was going on. Lisa refused. Lisa did not want to look and was not trying to look to see what popped out down in my private area. In an instance, I rose up, my water broke, and the baby proceeded to come. Hubby, yelled, You got to deliver the baby.” “I can’t drive and delivery the baby at the same time.” “ So, you got to look.” Lisa was extremely nervous and started to have an anxiety attack. Lisa, stated, “I can’t deliver this baby, I don’t know how, what I’m I to do.” Through faith, Lisa prayed, and replied, “I can do this.” “I can deliver the baby; I do look at the Discovery Channel.”

Once Lisa got her nerves up and got herself together, she was like a doctor with the knowledge to deliver the baby. Lisa slightly turned the baby, and said, “I can see the head.” I pushed, and then Lisa said, “I can see the body.” I pushed, and guess what? It was a baby girl! Lisa delivered a healthy baby. My husband turned the car around and proceeded to the nearest hospital. The baby’s umbilical cord was still attached to me, and disparate measures called for disparate times. So, Evans turned the car back around and ran every light to get his daughter to the hospital.

I believed that he could get us there, in one piece and he did. We arrived, and Evans pulled up directly in front of the door to Fort Washington Ambulatory Hospital. He ran inside to get the doctor. The doctor came out, evaluated the situation, and could not believe all of the blood that was in the car. Shortly, afterwards the doctors’ team arrived, and the doctor cut the umbilical cord. Jokingly, the doctor asked, “What are you naming your baby?” “Mercedes.” Since, she was born in a new Mercedes.

The doctor checked me completely, and the baby, but his facility did not have a labor and deliver area, so we both were sent via ambulance to Georgetown University Hospital for my doctor to further evaluate us. Meanwhile, Lisa was given a room, where she too had to seriously recoup after she delivered the baby. The baby was given Lisa’s name and the rest of my name. We named her Thea Denise Lisa Ray.

So I believed that everything would turn out okay, just like Mother Nature planned it.