This I Believe

Dan - Houghton, Michigan
Entered on December 13, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Vegetarians Will Destroy Humanity

Every vegetarian I have encountered in my life has asked me the exact same question, “Why aren’t you a vegetarian?”

I was raised in a family that ate a lot of meat. Whether it was red meat, white meat, or fish; we ate it all. Every meal I can remember had meat in it of one form or another. As I got older and started buying my own meals I noticed that everything I bought had meat in it. Eventually, when I came to college, I noticed that the only food I would eat in the cafeteria was meat. I had become a carnivore.

Throughout these years I had encountered my share of vegetarians. They had all tried to force their belief on me. They had all asked me the same question, “Why aren’t you a vegetarian?” and they had all told me the same story, “Did you know that they’re clearing the rain forest to raise cattle?” They had all said that I would get fat, that I was killing animals, that I was killing people, and that I was disrespecting God by eating meat. In the end they had all tried to change me, to make me one of them, a vegetarian.

The vegetarians had told me how bad the world would be if everybody ate meat but they hadn’t told me what it would be like if everybody was a vegetarian, so I decided to figure this out for them. I concluded that if the vegetarians converted everyone on the planet then one of two scenarios would eventually happen.

Scenario 1) This scenario is quite simple, all the vegetarians would die from malnutrition. Protein is the main nutrient you get from meats. All the cells in your body are made from protein. Protein is used to build and repair your cells. It is also used to make many chemicals that your body needs and is a important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. As you can see, a diet lacking in protein can be very unhealthy.

Scenario 2) Since vegetarians don’t eat meat, duh; there would be a explosion in the cattle population. This would lead to a competition between us and the cattle for the same food supply which could end one of two ways. The first ending would go like this. Since, in my experience, most vegetarians are animal rights activists too, they wouldn’t allow the cattle to be harmed in any way. This means that both we and the cattle would starve to death. The other ending would be if the vegetarians decided to decrease the cattle population. Since such a substantial decrease in the population would be necessary it would be hard to dispose of all the carcasses. This would leave disease ridden carcasses everywhere spreading who knows what and killing people.

After picturing these scenarios in my mind I decided they couldn’t force their beliefs on me. Recently I had found someone who despised the vegetarians forcing their beliefs on people as much as I did. The comedian Ron White did a stand up show where he talked about his vegetarian cousin. He said his cousin told him people were clearing the rain forest to make grazing land for cattle and that he had become a vegetarian to save the rain forest. When his cousin asked him what he had done lately to save the rain forest Ron White responded with “I’m eating the cows.” Now whenever a vegetarian tries to force their beliefs on me I just remember Ron White’s stand up and laugh.