This I Believe

Rabecka - Troy, Idaho
Entered on December 13, 2006

Everyone makes mistakes and you’ll find it better for yourself to just forgive and move on. I know there are sometimes where I wish people would give me a second chance, but everyone has a different outlook on life. I’ve had a lot of personal experience with holding grudges and not being able to forgive. One of the main reasons I believe this is because of my Nana Pat. This is why I believe in giving people second chances and never holding grudges.

My Nana has raised my older sister Tiffany and I since we were little. She gave us everything we’ve ever wanted and more, but me and her could never get along. My Nana had her favorites with everyone and apparently my mom and I were not one of them. She would find little things to yell at me about knowing that I was bullheaded and would stick up for myself, I think that’s why she dislike me most. I knew when ever she was in a bad mood she was going to take it out on me. With all the toys and gifts came a lot of mental and physical abuse for me.

When I found out she had cancer and it was to late to doing anything about it and she probably wouldn’t live for more then two months I was crushed. I thought to myself “why should I be upset after all she did to me?”. Everything with her wasn’t all bad and after all she did take me in. When she got to the point were she needed someone around her 24/7, I was the one there for her not my older sister. The worst she got the more she began to realize she was wrong and she told me she loved and appreciated me at least three times a day. I told her I was sorry we had to wait this long to make up, but its better late then never. I could have been mad at her and let her take care of herself , but I knew I would regret when she was gone.

“Be kind to everyone because you never know when they’ll be gone” that’s a quote I hear many times from my Grandma and its one I try to live by. People don’t live forever like we hoped they did, that’s why you should cherish and enjoy the time you have together while it lasts. I wish I knew that earlier because I would have done a lot of things different in my life. Im glas my Nana and I made up before it was to late cause I would have took it out on myself for the rest of my life.