This I Believe

Dustin - warren, Ohio
Entered on December 13, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe, if the current trend with American work places keep in the same diredtion as they have the America we know will fail. America will fall if we keep outsourcing jobs. American big business is greedy, if they do not pull a huge profit then their company is not a success. I have seen it happen to way to many people in my family. They work in the automotive industry, which is contently getting shipped off to Mexico and other third world nations. This is good for big business, but not good for the American factory worker. My Uncle, Aunt and many other family members have been laid off or are going to loose their job by big business greed. American company’s can make it if they try, American Appeal a company based out of California can succeed. They more then succeed they make over 80 million dollars a year. Is that not enough?

American company’s are getting over easy with shipping jobs overseas. Outsourcing jobs is what many American’s are scared of. They see the current trend. Many company’s will send there company’s over seas to pull a bigger profit. This does not benefit most American workers. It only befits the top one percent of American’s. The sad fact is that the top one percent of American’s own 90 percent of America.

There is hope, as slim as it might seem. Some company’s are putting there foot down and saying enough is enough. One company that has said enough is enough is American Appeal. The company starred out as a looser. They make simple shirts and pants. A man named Dove Charney took a company out of the “red” and made it into a company that is turning a very nice profit. He does not outscore his jobs, he does not pay them badly. All that Dove Charney does is produce a good product and pay his workers fairly. His company has been named in the top 500 growing company’s in the world. His company produces quality products for a quality price. Why don’t more company’s follow what his company has already done?

Most company’s would rather make 160 million and have all of their workers from a different country then make 80 million and employee hard working Americans. I feel that American greed has become so strong that we over look simple things life pride in our company. Many company’s only have plants in the U.S.A. Why would any company that is making millions of dollars a year want to pull out of the US and put American workers out of a job? There is only one thing that controls all company’s big and small, and that is the US dollar. It seem that the only thing that company’s care about any more is the money that they are making. If it was not for that what company would even want to go into business. That is not the issue. The issue is selling out American workers for a larger profit.