This I Believe

Leanne - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on December 13, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

The gun fires and echoes in the air. The soles of shoes hit the pavement with a soft whisper. The beginning of a race is exciting but it is the finish that matters.

A few summers ago, I entered a 5k race with my dad. My friend also entered so we decided to run together. I woke up that Saturday morning feeling prepared and energetic. Yet I was nervous and anxious about finishing the race. I had butterflies doing somersaults in my stomach constantly. As soon as the gun fired all the butterflies stopped moving altogether. Once the gun fired, it left a ringing sound that traveled through the air and into my ear. As the echoing of the gun faded away, everybody sped through the dense, white smoke around the starting line that smelled of burning sulfur. My friend and I were finding our pace alongside each other. We kept the pace like it was a continuous rhythm, not slowing down nor speeding up. I encouraged her and she encouraged me. We never stopped during the race and we were determined to cross the finish line. We crossed finish line, not slowing down for one second. I was so happy that I had made it through the race without stopping. I set my mind to finish and I did. The feeling of crossing the finish line was great. I completed what I had set out to do.

Every morning when I get up, I can see races that are waiting to be finished. I cross finish lines everyday and never stop. It is a continuous cycle of various races. I go past finish lines at full speed and sometimes I inch across the finish line, barely making it. Whether it is a physical or mental race, I try my hardest and put forth my best effort. I set my mind to a task and work diligently until I finish the race. Everybody should have goals to aim for. Once the goal is achieved it is a great feeling that should be experienced by everyone. The feelings gives a sense of confidence and pushes people to set more goals. By focusing and having confidence, anybody can achieve their goals. Success comes to those who want it the most and work the hardest. Whether a small or colossal goal, it can be achieved through diligence and determination. Each goal can make a difference and push people to do their best. By having the desire to finish the race, everybody can meet success.