This I Believe

Sarah - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on December 13, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: pleasure

Warming the depths of your soul, a simple touch can transfer any misery to happiness. I have been brought up in a family where everyone naturally begins to rub one another’s back or put their arms around the other. There is this warm feeling when someone touches you that can brighten their day. I believe in touch.

How can you describe a touch? A touch is like comforting warmth which helps to alleviate all the cold from a person’s soul and body. It can nourish a person’s self-esteem; just from one person’s touch it can make someone feel loved and accepted. People can often misconstrue a person’s touch almost into a sexual connotation or as if they are coming on to them. I believe that friendly touch is almost an essential part of human development. Touch shows social acceptance and subtle friendly intimacy. If someone has been having a hard time with something, as though my hand will absorb their negative feelings, I will begin to rub their back. Once my friend had been arguing with his parents, after, he came over and sat down next to me disgruntled. Being speechless on how to ease his testy mind, I began to rub his back. After about ten minutes he looked at me and asked why I do that. I had no idea. I removed my hand from his back, shied my head down, and listened as he lectured me on how not everyone likes to be touched. This may be true. However, I think the people who do not like to be touched are unfamiliar with it.

People may say they do not like to be touched and that is makes them uncomfortable. They have been deprived of developing around it. Later my friend apologized to me about snapping at me about touching him. He told me how he actually appreciates it, and that he does not know how, or why, it its comforting, or how I know to do it. Knowing to touch someone is knowledge of knowing that everyone needs to be touched.

Why would people have a tendency to hold on to someone if they see them sad? Almost as an instinct people who sees someone who is hurt they will hug, or pull them closer to them. Like everyone else, when I was little if I were to graze my knee on the cement my mom would “kiss it better”. This simple action of a person showing small affection makes it as though all the pain floats away.

People need to be touched. Though we live in a society which lacks it, we still need it. The small things, like a simple touch, in life can easily make a person happy. A touch is a small spark sent to a person which lights a fire in their soul. Hence I truly believe in the power of touch.