This I Believe

Tammy - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on December 13, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Staples. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some thick and tough, others simplistic and flimsy. But they all share the same purpose. They bind our scattered paper-like lives together. As we go through the tornadoes of chaos in our lives, our staples keep our papers wrapped in one stack. Who are the staples? Our friends.

Happiness is priceless. As I am showered with research papers and studies every night, I find it hard to smile. Then, my phone rings and I am immediately refreshed. A simple phone call is powerful. Nevertheless, at times, “staples” call me only to ask for my assistance in completing their schoolwork. Now, however, their monstrous motives are shining through their guises of flattery.

In the past and in the present, people have taken advantage of me many times. As troubles came, the “staples” loosened their grip. The strong ones stayed behind. The support given to me was far from superficial. The tough staples bonded me, stronger than before.

Where can one find such staples? Not through fame nor fortune, but it is through trials and hardships that one is able to see through the masks of smiles. With this ability, each of us will be able to recognize the true friends that we have.

The phone rings. A frustrated yet soothing voice speaks from the other line. I smile. We talk. We laugh. Our frustration morphs into relaxation. In the presence of each other, we become spiritually armed and motivated against the troubles of life.

My friends give value to my life. Every morning, it is not my alarm clock that awakens me, but the cheery personalities of my friends. Their everlasting love for me shapes my belief in staples, for it is not the outward appearance I see, but the heart. It is my belief that motivates me to achieve my goals and strike life’s trials with determination. The warmth and encouragement each staple brings inspires me to give the same support to others.

There are few sturdy staples in this world. Most are generic and weak. Despite their small size, staples are essential to the organization of life. Are we sturdy staples or are we generic staples? Do we seek to be fulfilled or do we seek to fulfill? Do we give enough love and encouragement to our peers? All the people of this world have scattered lives and it is our job to staple them. I believe in fulfilling. I believe in loving and caring. I believe in staples.