This I Believe

Amy - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on December 13, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

Most people search many years before they find their true love. I, however, was fortunate enough to discover mine at the age of three. It took over my life and found its home in my soul. This passion of mine is the art of dance.

My first pair of ballet slippers, no more than four inches in length, lives on a special shelf in my room. I compare them to my present point shoes. Many memories of this progression run through my head. My dozens of different dance shoes throughout the years have taken me on the most amazing rides through life.

My dance studio is my second home. This is where I leave my worries behind and am encouraged to let my emotions flow. Lyrical is the form I have grown most attached to. No feeling has yet to overcome me as powerfully as the peaceful joy I experience every time my body is allowed to dance.

I discovered how music moves people in completely different ways. While sitting in the audience watching my friend’s dance recital, I was especially intrigued by a certain number she was in. I had recently performed a dance produced by my studio to the same piece of music. Although both songs were identical, a different sound was created. The body’s own interpretation of the dance creates a new impression for the audience. Dancers with a true loyalty toward their love for dance are able to create their own music. The choreographed movements create a rhythm even the deaf can “hear”. Rapid heartbeats of the dancer are exchanged for the eight-counts, creating the voice of the heart. This voice, however, is more special than any other. It never lies.

The expression a dancer releases during a particular piece of music cannot be successfully imitated. Dancers are snowflakes; no two are the same. In order to achieve their passion through movement, dancers must work harder than most people believe. It requires determination and dedication. Anyone in the world can dance. Although they may not be referred to as “a dancer”, everyone has a heart and soul that interpret what the ears hear. As long as self-happiness is achieved, there is no right or wrong way to dance.

Dancing is one thing all people in the world have in common. It unites. No matter what languages are spoken, dance has the ability to transcend, allowing understanding between two people. This is the language of our bodies – the strongest communication.