This I Believe

Michael - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on December 13, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

There was this boy I once knew who seemed to have it all. Success was reached in and out of the classroom including straight A’s and a pure talent for many sports. His mom forced him to excel in school, and his dad pushed him to excel on the field. The one problem that was overlooked by most, but not by him, was the fact that he never had time for anything or anyone else. Since his parents were so hard on him, he never got to experience a movie with some friends or a football game in the park. Friendship was the one thing he needed most. He was lost without it.

The young boy, who was searching for something more, was me. Although I enjoyed my success throughout my childhood, I knew I was missing something special, which was causing a lack of happiness in my everyday life. Despite the love of my family, a part of me was always incomplete and my life left unhappy. Over time, as I matured, I made the conscious decision to put friends and free time on par with school and sports.

The only thing that could hold me back was my parents, but I was determined to stand up for what I thought was right at all costs. I have argued, bickered, screamed, and punched on many occasions in my pursuit for happiness. It was that important to me to carry a friendship.

This miniscule decision vastly changed my life. Now I live everyday with the importance to be happy. I have found my happiness in my friends, as well as the many experiences I have had with them. They mean a lot to me; they get me through each and every day.

Although I don’t quite have the grades or the talent I used to, I would never take back the decision I made. Now I feel that I get the most out of my life, or at least I try to. The amount of time I have on this earth is only winding down, so I make it an importance to spend as much of that time as possible happy.

We all should live our lives in the pursuit for happiness, because we only live one life. A life lived in sorrow is nothing but a life wasted. It’s hard for me to see people suffering, and I know I did not suffer to the extent of others, but I believe we all can and must strive for the importance of happiness.