This I Believe

Vivian - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on December 13, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Joy is the never ending paradise which people dream about. With everyday troubles and trials, joy seems to be a great hope for everyone who faces these hardships. No one is limited to a painless life, so joy can captivate the world with its promise. Occasionally, peaceful times do come, but these only seem to make things worse, reminding us during hard times that life could be better. When there is nothing left, we wait, hoping for joy to come and rescue us.

I do not believe in joy. Joy is eternal. Joy can not be understood, because eternity is incomprehensible. Eternity does not exist in the physical world. Everything, even eternity, must have an end. This is one of the hardest lessons of life to learn and live by.

This is why I believe in happiness. Happiness is the short-lived enjoyment of a moment in time. Happiness is understood. Happiness does not last forever, nor does it intend to. In the end, that which ends is understood, but that which never ends is never understood. Happiness seems to come and go, free of anybody’s control.

That is not true. That is an ignorant perception that we can not control what we feel. That ignorance binds us to a lie that other forces manipulate our feelings, that we do not have the power to do anything about them. You make life seem hard, easy, happy, sad, boring, or exiting depending on what you think life is. You make life what it is, and only we have the power to do so. Life is what you make it, and nothing more.

If life is what we make it, why note choose a life filled with happiness? Life isn’t going to be any longer than what it is, so why waste it waiting for something that will not come? No personal experience in particular has influenced my belief, but the continual support of my friends and family have made me realize that all they want is for me to be happy. What better payment for those that I love then a smile every day to show that I am choosing happiness over sadness? This is why I choose to stand strong for what I believe in, because people depend on my smile every day. I believe in happiness. I believe in happiness.