This I Believe

Caroline - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on December 13, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Every single day, before I go to swim practice, I eat a banana. In the morning, before a test, I eat a banana. During the summer, when a mosquito takes a bite into my skin, I take a banana and smear the peel onto my skin – it helps with the itching. I eat bananas religiously. They can heal any ache, hurt, or problem. I believe there is a special power in bananas, but not everyone does. We all believe different things, and our beliefs make us stronger.

If a poll was taken of everyone’s beliefs, I bet there would be as many different beliefs as people. Our beliefs make us unique and different from each other. Sharing them is an important part of living in our world today, and when we share our beliefs, we share apart of ourselves. We pass on our beliefs to others. Because of many different people telling me of their beliefs, I have adopted new beliefs.

My neighbor believes smiles have healing power on the heart. My little cousin believes in angels. As I hear of other’s beliefs, I do not agree with all of them, or even believe the same things, but some of them do affect me and I can relate to. Those are the ones I take as my own beliefs.

Two years ago, smiles saved my neighbor’s life; at least, that is what he claims. Brian, my neighbor, had a heart attack unexpectedly one day and was rushed to the hospital. As he was there, he said that the doctors, medicine, or even countless balloons did not make his heart heal, but rather, the smiles from people who came to visit him. Smiles comforted him, encouraged him, and healed his heart. Because if his belief, I now smile as often as I can.

My little cousin Jack saw angels one day. He fell sick with an one hundred and four degree fever. As he was lying in the hospital bed, he told my aunt angels were coming to save him, and the next day, his fever went away. Jack believes in angels, and from his belief, I also believe.

When we share our beliefs we express ourselves, and just maybe, make someone believe, too. Beliefs shape our character and even our world. Without them, we would not know about the sun, why apples fall from trees, or even why it is important to smile.

Bananas are the best healers for cramps. Smiles heal hearts. Angels save lives. We all believe in something. We just have to share them.