This I Believe

Sean - marietta, Georgia
Entered on December 13, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

Ever since the beginning of my life of school and sports, my family has pushed me to work my hardest so I can get as much as possible out of my work. Even with little league baseball and preschool, my parents have not accepted anything but my best effort. Although they only accept my best effort, they recognize that sometimes I do not succeed even when I am trying hard. My motivation for working hard is I know I will eventually get something back.

I recently started to string tennis rackets for the tennis academy that I play at. Starting to string rackets is difficult and frustrating. Stringing made me mad because even though I was trying my hardest, I still made many mistakes and it took me several hours to string only one racket. I worked through the frustration because I knew I would eventually finish and receive the nine dollar pay that I was working so hard for. My other motivation was working hard and practicing stringing would make me better and help me make money faster. The hard work has paid off and cut the work time on stringing a racket from two hours to thirty minutes.

Seeing my aunt work through her career has further convinced me that hard work pays off. After college, my aunt went into the Fish and Game Department of California. She began at the bottom of the line, taking orders from everyone. Although frustrated by her lack of authority, she developed good work ethics and worked hard everyday. Her colleagues recognized her determination and skills and eventually she began to rise in authority. Today, after over twenty years of hard work, she is the head warden of the California Fish and Game Department. When I asked her how she got to the top, she explained that her continuing hard work earned the respect of her partners and gave her the position she had been working for; she had received her reward for her hard work.

This belief, to work hard towards my goals, that my parents bestowed on me as a small child has gotten me very far. When the work I am doing is hard, I try to remember why and what I am working for. When I figure out what I will get out of it, my work goes by a lot faster. My hard work has gotten me many A’s and B’s throughout my school career, and I will continue to receive rewards for all the hard work.