This I Believe

Timothy - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on December 13, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

The Pulse of a Soul

The beat of a heart: the rhythm that drives every human life. The beat of a drum: the rhythm that drives the mixture of human passion and audible tones which many like to define as music. Without passion, the music is dead and will be forgotten. However, music with passion becomes one of the most satisfying experiences a person will ever go through.

In sixth grade, I became a drummer simply because beating a drum was so much cooler than blowing air into a metal tube. Another reason I chose to play percussion was that it was one of the easiest instruments to play – as long as a person had a sense of rhythm. I knew I could play drums since a sense of rhythm ran in my family. Singing took me a little longer to discover, however.

That summer, at a church camp in Florida, when everybody was jumping up and down and singing until they lost their voices, I discovered what singing was all about. The reason why singing is so great is not the beautiful harmonization of voices or a smooth tone, but singing has held its place in culture because of the passion that is put in to it.

Great pieces of music are still around today because the passion that they were created with oozes out of every note. I have not heard of a single successful musician who does not enjoy what they do because great music requires a piece of every musician’s life and all of a musician’s soul.

I know the requirements that music demands from a person. If I don’t give music my soul, I won’t get anything back from music. However, when I decide to give music my heart, mind, spirit, and body, music gives me back a hundred times more satisfaction and joy than I can give to it.

The times that I feel the most satisfied in life are the times when I am singing or playing a musical instrument. It doesn’t matter if someone plays the piano, guitar, trumpet, violin, pan flute, or drums. It doesn’t matter if someone is a professional opera singer or just a normal person who only sings in the shower. As long as someone cares about what the music focuses on, making music will be one of the greatest joys of life.