This I Believe

Austin - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on December 13, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

The two white buds in my ears and the Ipod in my hand signal that I am off limits. I believe in music. Music can make me happy or sad. It copes with the toughest of days. It embraces the best of days. Listening to music can be a powerful experience. Music has a magical effect on my mood. It can change or augment feelings. Happy music transforms a sad day into a happy one. Happy music turns a happy day into an ecstatic one.

It was the gloomiest of days, overcast and raining. The streets were wet. The sky was gray. No one smiled. Neither did I. My grades were slipping and my tennis ability was declining. I didn’t feel like talking to my friends. I thought I had nothing to feel good about. I was drained, emotionally. I took the bus home and walked in the rain for the two minutes it takes to get to my house. I stepped in every puddle. My head hung low. When I got home, the first thing I did was access the lengthy music playlist on my computer. I turned the volume on my speakers up, sat on my bed, and stared at the wall. The first few songs I picked to listen to were purely depressing, but they helped. Someone else experiencing a bad day was sharing their story with me through the most powerful form of communication: music. Then, the songs started to turn into songs of bittersweet hope, songs about adversity and overcoming it. I was starting to feel better. My next song choices were upbeat and celebratory. A joyous orchestra replaced a lonely acoustic guitar. A buoyant choir replaced the wail of a lonely man with a harmonica. I was off my bed and moving. I felt good.

So, if you see me with the two white buds in my ears on a plane or a bus somewhere, let me be for a few moments. I am experiencing magic. Music can make you feel good better than anything else can. This I believe.