This I Believe

Christy - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on December 13, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in erasers. Yes, erasers. I believe that no matter how much I scribble around in life, I can always erase and restart the story. Smudges and stains may stay with me, but at any time I can turn the pencil around and erase. I believe everyone has the opportunity to change.

Freshman year in high school, my best friend and I were pulled in new directions. She yearned to be in a new group of friends, while I stayed with our old friends. Slowly, without looking, we walked away, and soon we were in two different hemispheres, two different worlds. The distance caught up to us and we lashed out against each other. Conversation became a rare occurrence, even though we shared a locker.

The pain of ignoring the massive wall around us became too great, and one day we turned the pencil around. We erased the past few months. Although the stains occasionally show in our hearts, we have mended many of the wounds. We started on a fresh slate, remembering the decade of friendship we enjoyed before the crazy times in high school.

I believe that no matter the pain and suffering, that no matter the severity of what I am doing, the eraser is always big enough to give me a fresh start. At any point, I can turn my life around, erase the mistakes, and retry. My life is like this paper, over time it became full of mistakes and mess ups, but my life doesn’t have to be written in permanent marker. I choose to write in pencil. I choose to right my wrongs and fix my mistakes. I choose to erase. I choose to change.

For me, the option to start fresh and change never hit until my freshman year in high school. It began as an option to reclaim a best friend, to rewrite a few pages in a little story book, but erasing my mistakes has become a way to live. Everyday, I fix the little problems in the novel of my life. I believe in changing, in fixing the past and planning the future. I believe in erasers.