This I Believe

Christian - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on December 13, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: change

I Believe in Starting Over

I have moved various times in my life. Every place I moved I started out not knowing a single person. It is as if someone hit control-alt- delete on my life. It is kind of a blessing to get a second chance at first impressions. Having done it numerous times before you get better at it. Having a new life in a different place can be difficult because you do not get to start where you left off at your old home. Some people adapt better than others do during quick and radical changes. In my opinion, it relates to the persons mindset going into the new place. The first time I moved I was scared and did not think that this new place would be fun at all. I went into the move very negative and it made the move worse. The next time I moved I knew that things would get better. That mindset alone made the second move a lot easier and less painful.

When moving, I always feel this excitement of adventure and anticipation of what the new place will be like. It overwhelms the agony of knowing how much I will miss my friends. I find my self for the first few months trying to impress or act nicer or more polite then I usually would. I feel weird when I have to actually think about what I am going to say. Because I am a very sarcastic person and if someone doesn’t know that then I could be a little bit offensive.

If a person gets to start over on an activity, they will probably improve. When I am looking back over a test. I did poorly on. I wish I could start over after looking at all the careless mistakes I had made. Starting over is a chance to improve or fix what you have messed up. Starting over is a double-edged sword because if you are doing really well and you have to start over it is frustrating. I was playing my brother in chess and I had been setting him up the whole game. Right when I was about to make my move my dog knocked over all the pieces resulting in the game no t being finished. I was furious. I repeatedly told him, I had him but he would not believe me.

Starting over in athletic training or any other activity can be a person’s method for perfection. I used to shoot free throws until I mad fifteen in a row. If I missed on number fourteen, I would start from zero. Starting over also is a major element in music. In one practice a band might play the same song for two hours and start over at least six or seven times until they perfected the song. Starting over creates new opportunities to make us well rounded and resilient people. Whether it is moving to a new place or making free throws.