This I Believe

Anna - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on December 13, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

There are some events in your life that make you want to cry. At first, you

may think of death or pain, but I am talking about the embarrassments. I am

talking about the slips and the trips that used to ruin my life. Luckily, when

I was eleven years old, I came to a realization that every trip and fall didn’t

have to bring me to the ground. I believe in laughter and laughing at myself.

A fifth grade disaster comes to mind. I recall a chocolate muffin smeared on

the seat of my pink pants, and I can still feel my hot face when I suddenly

realized why I had been hearing snickers from behind me all day. I was so sure

my life was over, until I realized my own chuckles were the biggest comfort.

Since then, I have lived a more carefree life. Less crying and more laughing

were the best remedy; I’ve realized that laughter is so much better than diving

into a pool of solitude.

Later on in life, in eighth grade, I walked in the school building on a rainy

afternoon. My flip flops met the tile and quickly slid into the air. As I sat

on my tush, the rest of my class joined me inside the double doors. Thinking

how stupid I must look, I burst into laughter. Two people walked over to help

me as they snickered to themselves. Although I felt silly and uncoordinated,

laughing at myself had once again made a potentially embarrassing situation

just another fluke in my life.

Now, I tend to do whatever I want. Who cares if people laugh at me? It’s

entertainment! My friends and I will sing, jump, and dance around whenever we

want! We may look like idiots, but at least we’re having fun. When people make

fun of us, we say “Go ahead! Laugh! Or you could just join in!” As more people

come to realize what we already have, they view life in a different way. Life

can be as fun and carefree as you make it if you just take a chance.