This I Believe

Carmen - San Borja, Peru
Entered on December 13, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

The Power of Words

I think that people spend time trying to achieve the goals in their life. This takes the most of their time, and some times they forget to share minutes with others. Some they use the typical phrases, “I don’t have time today” or “I am busy now”, and it was my case too. Many years ago, when I participated in a pastoral group in my community, the group’s coordinator started a group activity and the topic of this was “write your own obituary”. The team was dumb because we didn’t understand what the point of this topic was. Later the coordinator explained the objective is that each person wrote about how you wish that all the people remember you. In this moment I realized all the things that I didn’t finish, other things that I wanted to do, people that I didn’t visit because I never had time before, people that I didn’t help because I thought that I couldn’t solve their problems, and many other things that I postponed.

Since this time, I try to have more time to share with friends, partners at work, family and with new people that meet me because I understand that a simple word can do a lot for people. I believe in the power of words; therefore, when I am talking, writing, mailing or chatting by internet, I feel that by sharing ideas, emotions or feelings, I receive a present because I know that is not easy for some people to tell these. I have the opportunity to say or write some words to be more comfortable if the person is feeling bad or enjoy each other it is a good moment too.

However, I feel more excited when I am communicating in another language and realize that the other people understand my idea and respond with a smile when you say a joke or simply when they respond. Each person feels different. There are people more sensitive than others, and with a simple word you can make them feel good or bad if the other person doesn’t understand the intentions of it.

In general, I like to meet new people because I learn much from them; their customs, ideas, knowledge, how they feel. We can share time enjoying everything else to have good memories to the future. In my opinion if all the people can use the correct words in the correct time, we could avoid many problems in the world. Each person is a world, and to meet with more people is a good school of life, to learn about others and reach good communications with them. For these reason “I believe in the power of words”.