This I Believe

Andi - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on December 13, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Death is an escape. Isolation, a hell. We despise it, fear it, use it. The top three fears of mankind are snakes, planes, and abandonment. Why? People kept in solitary confinement would hurt oneself grievously to escape isolation. Why? Because isolation is pain. My belief is not a cause but a solution.

Instant messenger. It’s multi-colored. It’s free. And it’s my cure. Unaffected by distance, geography, or climate, it is a bridge over barriers.

Such a method of communication rids us of the mental prejudices that we are born with. The hateful expression is not seen; the skeptic voice is not heard. A friend of mine who I know as optimistic and lighthearted once sent me a message one calm, starry night telling me he was in the woes of depression. At school he was the clown but here he was telling me of the pain he was going through.

Why is it that we need instant messenger? Why do we fear isolation from our friends and family so much? The answer is simple. We can no longer share. Our pain, our joys, our pride have now become inconsequential. The fruits of our labor that we have worked so hard on are now insignificant. The essay you wrote; that project you worked so hard on is no longer the source of your pride. For what can you be proud of if there is none to admire the work that has been done.

Instant messenger allows us to share. The word of praise that one seeks so eagerly can be achieved. The desires you have are now important. You can now pester every single person on your buddy list about the girl or boy that you have so madly fallen in love with. Share your love and your sorrow, your goals and your dreams. You are not alone. That small window, that small doorway is always open for you.

It is not what instant messenger does that matters, but the basis of what it does. It is a cure, but a transient one. It is much more important to know that even when we are isolated from those that we care for, we are never alone. Death is an escape. Isolation, a hell.