This I Believe

Srinidhi - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on December 13, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

When I am sick I watch cartoons, drink soup with crackers, and sleep like a bear. I hate doing my homework more than normal. I hate the food I normally love. I curse my allergies all winter long, and I hope I will feel better the next day. The only good thing. The joy of laughing.

When I was ten my friend was sick and because I was often sick I could relate to him easily. My mom told me not to visit him, but I disobeyed my mom and went to my friend’s house. I was punished, but he was so happy to see me that it was worth it. He told me I was his first visitor, but that didn’t surprise me. What did surprise me was how much closer we became as friends. That visit altered my future, and he became my best friend soon after.

When my friends didn’t visit and I was sick, I just played with my hamster. Taking care of him allowed me to forget about how I was feeling. His antics quickly caused me to laugh and gasp for air. It didn’t make a difference to my hamster if I was happy or not, but I liked to think he cared anyway.

After my hamster died I changed almost all of my behaviors and habits. The only way I could be my old self was by having fun and laughing. I began to listen to comedians and hang out with some new friends. My new friends could have cheered me up anywhere at anytime. Our good times and laughs were all I needed to forget my loneliness and sorrow.

Because of my friends I began to appreciate the power of a good joke. Whenever I heard a joke that was funny, it made everything seem better especially if I could relate to the joke. I loved to read joke books and just laugh at the punch lines when I was sick. However, hearing one out loud was always better than reading one. The teller could use emotion and create an image with their words. Laughing is one of my favorite things to do and jokes helped me appreciate laughter more.

Laughter has many effects and most of them are positive. Laughing relaxes my body and allows me to forget my troubles in school, at home, or with friends. Laughing is like going to a resort in the Caribbean ? soothing and fun. Laughter is one of the few things you can do with out worrying about what people think because laughter has a simple meaning. To have fun and enjoy oneself. I believe in the power of laughter.