This I Believe

Marlee - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on December 13, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Have you ever thought about the power of a speeding ticket? Most of us would curse at the sight of flashing lights in our rearview mirror. However, a fifty-dollar ticket might save a life.

Speed is the focus of youth; whether we are racing around a curve or rushing to escape from high school, we apply the gas pedal with full force. I may stand alone with protective parents, but I have faith that slowing down will save my life and help me enjoy all my years.

Kelly Moxley, my camp director, flew around the Walhalla Mountain spiral trying to arrive on time, for once, to a school function. As she rounded the last curve the car overpowered her and aimed straight for a massive oak tree. In a split second a mother, a wife, and a role model was ripped from life.

Millions of car crash reports circulate through our media. I wonder how many lives would be spared if speed limits were taken seriously. Kelly’s would have been.

Those whose lives’ have not been taken from them still hurry their lives’ along. A fourteen-year-old boy wishes he had car. A sixteen-year-old girl gossips about “dying to stay out all night.” Endless arguments play out within families over kids wanting more privileges and not understanding why the answer is no. Parents nip the argument with a classic response; “You are only fifteen.”

I have never understood why kids would ask for more responsibilities. I cling to my youth. Swinging on a swing and dancing in the rain is much more appealing than rent and wrinkles. If you wish your life away, God might just answer your prayer.

Your mind is racing. You ruined a relationship and made a mistake on an exam.


You cannot arrive at a solution when your brain is churning one hundred miles an hour. There is not enough stopping distance.

Just breathe.

Road signs and parents live to slow us down. They can guide us in the general direction, but we have to want to slow down. We have to want to live life in all its length. Speeding tickets should give us a chance to look up and thank God, or the officer, for he may have saved a life. Do not rush.

Just live.