This I Believe

Katarina - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on December 13, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Our International Delight

My typical day consists of random frenzies that I must take and turn into a positive outcome. I eventually get tired. I rush, I run, I bustle, I chatter, and I leave little time for any leisurely activities to help with my own philosophical mind. Lately, the globe seems to be in a mad rush over things they no longer seem to consider for a great deal of time. It just gets done. But at the end of the day, when I’m drained and can no longer surge my brain waves, I turn to coffee. At the closing curtain at the end of my performance of my bustle and hustle, coffee composes an atmosphere of nostalgia, as I come together with friends or family, glowing over this refined beverage.

Imagine this: in a single coffee bean lies the power to transform from its harvest, roasting, and liquefying into a rich demitasse that fills my mugs. Through this intense process, it still manages to produce tranquility and passion, which is why I believe coffee is accepted as an international pleasure. Whether the magic is in the warmth or the stimulants, coffee relaxes even the busiest body. I live for passion, so when I need the occasional inspiration, I brew my heart and soul to make myself a succulent cup of coffee, to show that my passion is worth something.

Do you smell that roasting? It’s the philosophy stirring in each cup. I believe in coffee, because it is always on the brink of something. The brink of a breakthrough swirls endlessly, and I take pride in basking in any intellectual conversation I can. Coffee tends to give off the signal to your brain to say something. Saying a belief or a personal philosophy could be enlightening to any other squirming mind, so it is important to have the stimulant to help ease and slick into that manner of approaching inner thoughts.

From my first sip, I strived for more. I hated the bitterness, the cringing clench it left on my teeth. But I was enthralled by the motivation I had lacked at the end of the day had now revived itself. I became alive! While I strived throughout my clumsy routine, fumbling around baffling situations, coffee had been sitting there, waiting patiently to ameliorate whichever stressed out adventurer. Now that I found a striving, I believe in reaching out to my full potential. The motivation lives in me, only to be awakened by a true perk. Not only do I strive to complete my day, but to complete it with my cup of coffee, to feel satiated on energy and knowledge.