This I Believe

Ben - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on December 13, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

I remember my first day of football, wearing used pads, running laps, and tackling dummies. I remember my first interception hitting me in the chest. I remember the fans, the team, and the goals. Football was at first a sport, but to me football is now a way of life.

Football has taught me so much about myself and my life. That is why I believe in football and in the lessons it teaches. Football is an outlet for many young boys that cultivates them into people. Football has taught me about teamwork, determination, friendship, resiliency, hard work, faithfulness, and passion. Playing football has taught me so much, but being a fan of the game has taught me equally as much.

Being out on the field with ten other teammates and fighting for one common goal, there is nothing, in my opinion, else like it. The relationship you form with your teammates is a bond that is constant through thick and thin, winning and losing. We form a relationship, a bond, for life.

Football has taught me to fight adversity. I have had bad games, and I have had terrible games. I have been sent to the sidelines many times. Interceptions have slipped through my hands, and running backs have slipped through my grasp. But what shows your character is how you fight back. How you fight through adversity. In football you are faced with adversity no matter who you are, and football teaches you to respond to adversity.

Football teaches you to battle back, never stop fighting, and to keep pursuing your goals. Football can really be compared to life. You have your ups and downs, your highs and your lows, but you keep on trekking. You keep on fighting. With two minutes left in the fourth quarter, how will you respond? With a baby on the way and no money in the bank, how will you respond? Football is not just a game, but its preparation for life.