This I Believe

Nicholas - marietta, Georgia
Entered on December 13, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: community

The first thing i learned about when i was born was heritage. Everyday i would practice my heritage effortlessly, but I did not understand my heritage. Now, as a teenager striving through high school, i comprehend the importance of heritage in everyday life.

All my life ihave learned to be Greek. Growing up, I devoured many traditional Greek dishes. Through countless Sundays spent all day at the Orthodox Church, and i embraced my heritage. By preparing multiple Greek dishes and attempting to learn the language, I learned about my heritage. I have taken years of Greek dance proudly; I also have worn some embarrassing costumes in the process. From these events, I have accepted my heritage. Now, I have a clear understanding and feel for my culture, and I have come to realize how important heritage really is.

Everyday when I awake, I open my eyes to a Greek flag dangling above me, and I prepare for my usual day. Now that I am old enough to reach the icons hanging in my room, I grab my patron saint icon, Saint Nicholas, and I say my prayers. Even though Greeks are known for being late, I always try to keep my scheldule and catch my ride to school. On the way out, there is ussually leftover baklava of other Greek dishes on the counter. At school, I am frequently asked about my Greek roots. Even though I am asked the same questions, I gladly respond to people’s curiosity about my heritage. In the classroom, I apply my heritage every chance I get. Although I am extremely proud of my past Greek’s accomplishments, it is quite ironic to know that my ancestor, Euclid, created my least favorite class, geometry.

As I examine my dialy life, I see that heritage is something this is always with me, even if I notice it or not. Heritage is not something you can expunge, for it runs through your veins for your entire life. Heritage should be spread, loved, and learned about in every culture. It is a key role in everybody’s life, and should be expressed by every individual on this planet.