This I Believe

Anush - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on December 13, 2006
Age Group: Under 18


I lost every time. Every match that I played in I lost. It was so frustrating. I would walk onto the court with my confidence soaring high, only for it to be deflated when I lost the match. I was getting nowhere and I had sincere notions of quitting. But I enjoyed tennis so much that I could not bring myself around to quitting.

It turns out that I never quit. I may have been doing worse than others, but I kept trying to persevere. I was determined to show everyone how much skill I truly processed. I kept trying to persevere to reach my long term goal: high school tennis. Eventually, I did; and I learned a couple of lessons which would then help me in my academics.

At school, we occasionally have a test. I prepare a lot for the test hoping to receive an A. Last year, in English, I had an 87 and according to my calculations, I had to get a 106 to get an A in that class. But I had never gotten above a 90 on a test. I almost nearly gave up because I knew that trying to get a 106 would be nearly impossible. But I realized that getting a 106 on the exam was entirely possible and that it would take hard work to get such a grade. I persevered and worked hard and eventually received an A in the class.

Persevering is a big part of my life. Persevering for a goal allows me to stay on task and not get distracted. Before I have a big challenge, I set up goals which will eventually lead up to long term goals. Even if that long-term goal seems far out of reach, I try to persevere to reach the goal.

I know that by attaining the goal, I will feel complete. In the test situation, when I finished preparing for the exam, I knew that I was completely ready to tackle the exam and eventually get an A in the class. By giving up, I would left myself with few options and in the end, I would realize that taking that exam might have helped me. If I gave up studying, I would never have realized what I am capable of. Perseverance is what makes people succeed in life. I want to be one of those. I believe in perseverance.