This I Believe

Piper - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on December 13, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Animals have always been a large part of my life. Whether they are in my house or in the trees behind my house, I find that animals are all around me. I had all sorts of pets in my house: guinea pigs, fish, frogs, geckos, cats, and dogs. There is a big difference between humans and animals, but one thing we share are emotions. Though animals don’t experience emotions the same way humans, do they still deserve to be treated humanely. All animals no matter if they’re domestic, wild, big or small, should be respected.

I am a huge dog fan and visiting shelters is something I really enjoy. One of my favorite rescue groups is the Small Dog Rescue Society. This group takes in lost, abandoned and abused dogs. On the society’s website there is a picture of each dog in the rescue group and its description. Usually, there is a description of the dogs’ history. It is shocking to me how many people mistreated these dogs. Some people would lock up their dog, and others would leave their pet on the side of the street. Fortunately, there are enough generous people to care for these neglected dogs.

My family had a pet dog named Molly, and we got her when she was about one and a half years old. We didn’t know much about her past, but it was apparent to us that her first owner had not treated her very well. She was always afraid of loud noises and strangers. Whenever I reached out my hand to pet her, she would back away. I avoided making sudden movements and loud noises around her. She eventually became less afraid people, but she was still always a little fearful. All of this was the result of being mistreated by a human.

I think that not only do domestic pets need to be treated humanely but wild animals also. As a child I would never jump on anthills or smush the bugs I found outside. To me they are just little creatures minding their own business. I may be a lot bigger than these bugs, but that doesn’t give me the right to bother them.

It is important to me to treat every animal with care and respect. They are a part of life and I think it is necessary to have a peaceful relationship with them.