This I Believe

BRuce - Portland, Oregon
Entered on December 12, 2006
Age Group: 65+
Themes: community


The tragic events of September 11, 2001 have seared the soul of America and changed forever the course of history. A response to this event could have taken one of two courses of action. Our governmental leaders choose to purse a “war on terror” based on anger, fear and retaliation. Instead of this aggressive posture, our leaders and citizens could have looked inward and reflected on what global forces and dynamics were behind the event.

To understand the meaning of this tragedy is to grasp and recognize the shadow forces that plague mankind’s quest for self-improvement and higher consciousness. Throughout history mankind has engaged in monstrous and evil acts upon each other. What demonic virus has infected the human population and has influenced past and present cultures to continue these horrific practices. The tremendous amount of energy exerted and consumed in these endeavors continues to shackle mankind and inhibit mankind’s transition to a higher level of consciousness.

When will the global family unite and recognize our common humanity? When will we acknowledge that darkness can be overcome by light, and that we can and should heal the wounds inflicted upon neighboring nations and peoples. In doing so, we would forever honor and remember the victims of 9/11 and all the past victims of mankind’s calloused actions perpetrated in the name of religion and social progress.

At this point in our history we need a rebirth of the human spirit in order to put mankind on the path to peace and harmony. We need to restore a more balanced order and union between the forces of light and darkness—a rebalancing of the planetary harmonics.

As mankind sought out new lands in order to expand our boundaries, in many instances only a vision guided early oceanic explorations. Later we built beacons to light our seaways and guide us home. Now we need new beacons to guide our efforts. Continuing to look outward may only serve to confuse us. The better choice would be to look inward and use reflective thought to dispel the demonic chaos that envelops the present human condition. Each person, taking personal responsibility and action, can become a shining beacon to light a new path for mankind. Individually our beacons may only have a limited area of influence, but in the aggregate they could light up the world stage and illuminate the negative forces that inhibit our potential to become true planetary stewards. This is the path to redeem a natural balance between mankind and nature.

There is an old mithraic saying, “I am a star which goes with thee and shines out of the depths”. The star is not found in the night sky, or in the external world. It is symbolic of the need for each of us to look inward. When each of us begins to seek the inner light we all possess, then we will have found our beacon. Individually our light can dispel the spirit of darkness that clouds our personal life. Yet when combined in the aggregate, this light can induce a resonance of the oneness of the family of man within the cosmos. Only then will the planetary consciousness evolve to dispel the spirit of darkness that has enveloped our country and the world after the tragic events and consequences of 9/ll.